Hi! I'm Dr. Cynthia Hawver (AKA: Mama Shrink) Clinical Psychologist serving here as your on-line coach

I help moms embrace being perfectly imperfect

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Welcome fellow Mamas! I am a clinical psychologist with 15 years of experience. I'm also a mom who is perfectly imperfect!

Being a mom is the hardest job on the planet and often times we end up putting ourselves last..well I am here to change all that❤️ 

You are hearing from a mom whose dealt with years of infertility, a failed adoption, chronic illness, and is now the proud mama of two amazing little boys. And even though I worked with moms and kids for years...I never truly knew how hard it was until I was in the midst of it. 

I created Mama Shrink to help moms live an exceptional life. My belief is that you can't be an awesome Mama if you're not caring for yourself first.  I'm here to help you learn to set boundaries, become more assertive, eliminate energy vampires from your life, engage is self-care, find your inner happiness, and do it all without guilt!


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Grab my Freebie...
Ending Mama Guilt: How to Find Happiness, Set Boundaries, and Engage in Self-Care Without Guilt

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